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Actions for Service: yelp_search

Action IDDescription
Action options:

-f, --find_desc [find_desc]
	This parameter defines the entity type description to be searched for
	Required: no
-n, --ns [ns]
	Required: no
-g, --find_loc [find_loc]
	This parameter defines the Location to be searched within
	Required: no
-u, --url_only [url_only]
	Return only the action URL, not the action results
	Required: no
-r, --response_format [response_format]
	Sets the response media type through an Accept header.
	Required: no
	Permitted values: text/html
-q, --quality_values [quality_values]
	Quality value string. e.g. application/json;q=1.0,text/turtle;q=0.8,*/*;q=0.5. 
	--response_format takes precedence.
	Required: no