OpenLink Smart Data Bot

OSDB is a Smart Agent that provides a single RESTful interface for interacting with a variety of Actions (operations) provided by APIs. Its only requirements are the APIs are HTTP-accessible and documented using one of the following:

  1. OpenAPI (formerly known as Swagger) Documents (JSON content-type).
  2. RDF language statements via HTML document metadata using Microdata, RDFa, RDF-Turtle or JSON-LD document notations.
  3. JSON-LD, RDF-Turtle or RDF-XML documents.

At the current time OSDB has a built-in client binding to Facebook Messenger (with support for Alexa, Slack, Cortana, Siri and other agents planned). On the server side, it can bind to Virtuoso endpoints (using Sponger Middleware and/or SPARQL) and to 3rd party web services by importing machine-readable structured descriptions of these web services and the actions they provide.